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One of the longest-running German-style festivals in WA!

Descendants of the German Russians who settled in the Odessa area at the beginning of the 20th Century, united to create a festival that would celebrate an appreciation of food, music and entertainment. This appreciation has been handed down through the generations to give Odessa a very special ambiance, which abounds at Deutschesfest. In German it’s called Gemütlichkeit — the spirit of comradeship and good times.

Deutschesfest began in a small way in 1971. No one was certain how many visitors would be on hand for the first celebration on Friday, September 17th, but by Saturday the food booths were sold out and the Biergarten was out of beer! Sponsored by the Odessa Chamber of Commerce, Deutschesfest is a celebration of rich and colorful traditions, which have never been lost. Nearly 80% of Odessa’s inhabitants are of German Russian descent and have maintained much of the culture of their ancestors.

Every third full weekend in September, authentic German music plays its way into your ears, sausage and strudel tease your appetite, and the fun, excitement and friendliness of Odessa capture your heart. This event is more than a festival, it is an experience! Each year as this small community gears up to share the very best of their German Heritage, volunteers prepare the town for the influx of visitors who will soon be enjoying much of the traditional German cuisine and authentic German music provided by the local band — The Oom Pas & Mas.